Enchanted Kingdom 3D

A cinema feature length documentary  taking the audience a magical journey across Africa, exploring is landscape, flora and forna.  Dir Patrick Morris. BBC Earth


Planet Earth 2

Opening sequences for two episodes from this new blue chip natural history series for the BBC


Life at the Extreme- Wet

Davina Macall presents this look at life in the Rainforest- Plimsoll Productions C4


Pandas 3D 

A 3D documentary for TV and cinema looking at the Panda breeding and re-wilding program in Szechuan, China. Dir. Nick Brown. Oxford scientific films for SKY 3D and National Geographic. 


Hidden Kingdoms

3D/2D Tv series for BBC NHU. Dir. Verity White. BBC2



A New Mini Landmark series on one of the western world’s most beautiful wild

places. BBC2.


The Queen's Garden

Alan titchmarsh present this behind the scenes look at Buckingham Palace gardens.

Dir. Martin Williams. Oxford Scientific Films for ITV


Human Planet

A six part series explores man endeavours to survive around the world.

Dir. Tom Hugh-Jones, Mark Flowers. BBC1


Natural World – Wild Places of Essex

Writer Robert MacFarlane reveals the wild beauty in Britain most derided county. Director Andrew Graham-Brown. AGB Films for BBC2.  Winner of Best editing At Wildscreen


Natural World – Twenty First Century Cats

India's new metropolitan leopards revealed. ICON FILMS. Dir Steve Gooder BBC2


Polar Bear Family And me

A 3 part series following for the first time a family of Polat bears through the course of a year. BBC 2. Dir Saritha Wilkinson


Natural World Attenborough’s Fabulous Frogs.

David Attenborough enthuses about the remarkable behaviour and anatomy of the frog. Dir. Sally Thompson BBC2


Natural World – Pandamakers 

Following the Panda Breeding Program at the Chengdu Panda Centre. Red One. AGB Films for BBC2. Winner IWFF Special Jury Award for best Program


Natural World - Honey Badgers - Masters of Mayhem

A look at the now famous fiercest of small mammals. OSF for BBC 2


Natural World - Jungle Gremlins

Primatologist Anna Nekaris explores nature’s most poisonous mammal, the Slow Loris. Dir. Steve Gooder. Icon Films for BBC2. Finalist at Wildscreen.


Wild About Britain

A Portrait of British national Parks, Cairngorms and the New Forest. BBC Natural History unit. Dir. Andrew Murray BBC 2


Meerkats 3D

A 3D TV and Cinema portrait of this popular creature. Dir. Andrew Graham-Brown Oxford Scientific Films for SKY 3D and National Geographic. Finalist Wildscreen 2012